Angola's capital Luanda is being rebuilt. The varied architecture from the 50th and 60th years has to give way for new office towers being built everywhere in the city center by Chinese construction companies.  It is made possible by rich oil reserves off Angola's coast.

The photo project was created in cooperation with the Goethe Institute Luanda.


Goethe Institut Magazin PDF Pages 28-31


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Conselheiro Aires de Orneles

Avenida Murthala Mohamed

Conselheiro Vilhena

Rua Augusto Silverino Ferreira

Major Kanyangulo

Rua do Brasil Hoji Ya Henda

Rua Comandante Gika

Largo das Heroinas Maculusso

4 de Fevereiro

Largo Alioune Blondin Beye

Rua Amilcar Cobral

Largo Saidy Mingas

Avenida da Grande Guerra Municipio Rangel

Rua Rainha Ginga Marginal