1950th Architecture in Germany


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The years after the Second World War were marked by the reconstruction of the destroyed cities. The guiding principle of this period was the creation of democratic structures in politics, economy and culture, which also reflected in architecture. The renowned architectural photographer Hans Engels has been looking for a trace and shows with his photographs a current cross-section of the still existing German post-war era. His paintings convey the aesthetic appeal of these buildings, the lightness and elegance of their often bold, sculptural-looking constructions, which give a vivid impression of the departure of their time of origin.


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Berlin, Kino International

Pirna, VEB Strömungsmaschinen

Berlin, Rotaprintfabrik

Berlin, St. Ansgar

Bottrop, Heilig Kreuz Kirche

Frankfurt, Junior Haus

Frankfurt, Stellwerk Hauptbahnhof

Hamburg, Tankstelle

München, Maxburg

München, Maxburg

Nürnberg, Akademie der bildenden Künste

Pforzheim, Reuchlinhaus

Stuttgart, Liederhalle