The photographs on this website are examples of Hans Engels' Bauhaus exposition. They show the remaining buildings designed and constructed by the Bauhaus masters and students, in the time up to 1933, when the Bauhaus was closed by the National Socialists. Photographed in their actual condition in six European countries. This is the first complete collection of the original Bauhaus Buildings! The exposition shows 54 colourphotographs 50/70cm framesize with an informative description of each building.

This is a travelling exhibition. If you are interested in the


Hans Engels, Bauhaus 1919-1033 at Amazon

Goethe Institut Triest 2010

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Gropius office, Weimar

Kandinsky, Klee Masters House, Dessau

Kandinsky, Klee Masters House, Dessau

Kornhaus Tavern, Dessau

Barcelona Pavillion

Bauhaus Building, Dessau

Villa Tugendhat, Brno

Kantgarage, Berlin

Villa, Budapest

Lange House, Krefeld

Am Lindenbaum Housing Estate, Frankfurt

Municipal Power Station, Frankfurt

Ring Housing Estate Siemensstadt, Berlin